“In our parlance as medical practitioners, there is a saying that Prevention is better than Cure, which means that it is better and easier to stop a problem from happening than to stop or correct it after it has started. In dealing with natural calamities and disasters, we can adopt preventive measures to reduce the severity of the effects. I am sure, all of us here are aware that no one can stop the occurrence of any natural disaster. But we can always be prepared, whenever and wherever we are. By being prepared we can lessen the impact of any disaster. Preparedness for disasters seeks to save the maximum number of lives and property, and it aims to return the affected populations to normalcy as quickly as possible.” — Dra. Honey Lacuna

Thank you, Bureau of Fire Protection – NCR, for this significant undertaking through this event called Fire Squad Road Show; and to the Chang Kai Shek College for providing its populace, its faculty members and the students with this kind of activity.

Photo: gerryele