THE DOCTOR’S CALL: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused physical, emotional, and psychological stress to medical frontliners not only in the City of Manila, but across the globe. Hospitals have been receiving an overwhelming number of patients that resulted to burnout of healthcare workers.

In Ospital ng Sampaloc (OsSam), one of the six district hospitals of the City of Manila, a wellness garden has been put up on its rooftop to become a breathing space and refuge of OsSam’s frontliners.

“The pandemic is very challenging for the hospital staff because not only do they need to worry about contracting the virus and bringing it home to their loved ones, they also have to deal with taking care of COVID patients,” hospital director Dr. Aileen Lacsamana said.

“Ang wellness garden sa rooftop ng aming ospital ay isang outlet para sa mga empleyado kung sila ay nasasakal na sa mga challenges ng pandemya,” she added.

Lacsamana pointed out that frontliners’ battle against COVID-19 took a lot out of the hospital staff, from being exhausted from hours of caring for the surge of patients, to the depletion of their emotional reserves.

Thus, Lacsamana highlighted the need to make sure that the frontliners’ wellness is also prioritized while also attending to the medical needs of the general public this pandemic.

“Empathy is very important. As their leader in the hospital, I need to make them feel that I know what each one of them is going through,” Lacsamana shared.

“Ako na kanilang ina sa OsSam ay hindi titigil ng pag-iisip ng mga paraan upang makihati sa bigat ng responsibilidad ng pangangalaga sa lahat ng may sakit,” she added.