THE DOCTOR’S CALL: The Manila City government continues to prepare for the upcoming vaccination for ages 12-17 years old.

According to the data by the Manila Health Department, about 41,316 minors have already pre-registered at since it opened its registration process last September 12.

With Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC) as the pilot hospital for the inoculation of the said group, hospital Director Karl Laqui believes that it is imperative for minors to receive their COVID-19 vaccine shots as well.

“In a pandemic, it is important that everybody should be given protection and one of those is thru vaccination. Regardless whether the patient is an adult or minor, they should all be vaccinated,” Dr. Laqui said.

“It has become imperative that minors also have to be vaccinated the soonest,” he added.

According to Dr. Laqui, staff of OMMC observed and participated in the vaccine rollout at the Philippine General Hospital to strengthen their knowledge.

The vaccination team of the hospital’s Infection Control Committee will be in-charged of the inoculation process for minors once the city government of Manila begins its vaccine deployment.

Coordination with the Department of Health for planning development of the hospital’s rollout and additional inputs were also put into place. Once set, the simulation was conducted to test the hospital’s readiness to vaccinate the minors.

“Trust us, believe in us. We have nothing but the best intentions for you and your child. This is our commitment to make you all feel better,” Dr. Laqui said.