THE DOCTOR’S CALL: The COVID-19 outbreak has become a public health emergency that led to the limitation of face-to-face transactions not only in the hospital setting but in all aspects.

In order to cater the medical needs of the public amid the pandemic, Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center (GABMC) formed its telemedicine following the directive of the city’s chief executives.

Hospital Director Dr. Teodoro Martin said that an average of 85-90 consultations are being accommodated by their medical staff everyday, and 60 registrants are being tallied daily.

“We launched the GABMC TeleHealth Clinic to provide our stakeholders with telemedicine consultation. This aimed to be of service to non-emergency cases and those for elective surgeries,” Dr. Martin said.

“We are situated at the heart of Tondo, and our catchment includes Baseco, Parola and even Isla Puting Bato, so we never imagined such demand for our TeleHealth Clinic – given that electronics and internet connections are two commodities that are limited to or not prioritized by some families due to poverty,” he added.

According to Dr. Martin, among the top health concerns being received by the hospital are the following: Cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) or stroke, Chronic Kidney Disease (Dialysis Patients), surgery cases, OB-Gyne cases, pediatric cases, and general medicine.

He added that Gat Andres Bonifacio Medical Center continue to ramp up its medical efforts to effectively address the different needs of its patients while also attending to the COVID-19 concerns.

Dr. Martin thus assured that the quality of healthcare service given by the GABMC this time of pandemic will not be sacrificed nor lessened.

“We will always see to it that they will be given outmost care and appropriate management,” Dr. Martin said.

“Through the GABMC TeleHealth Clinic, Gat Andres Bonifacio Medical Center made an impact by successfully bridging the gap between healthcare and disease-stricken ManileƱos,” he added.