LOOK: Manila City Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso on Tuesday, December 10, met with several system integration and technology providers that established the United States of America’s Smart City to discuss how Manila can transition into being the country’s first functional Smart City.

Domagoso shared his vision in how taking small steps can inspire change in the lives of Manileños.

“Technology can be utilized through traffic enforcement, if you have a violation, you can pay instantly via application, human interaction is minimized,” Domagoso said.

He also discussed several plans including in-city vertical housing, rebuilding Manila Zoo, Manila-bot (MaBot) and new open spaces for Manilenos.

Among the visitors were delegates from U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department Of Commerce and Embassy of The United States of America.

Also present were representatives from IBM, Oracle, Dell, Cisco, Honeywell, FireEye, Multisys, Aecom, Amazon, Ford, Bentley, DFSI, Itron, KPMG, Palo Alto, RSA, US-Asean Business Council, US-AID and Weston Comstor.

(Photos by Christian Turingan and K R De Asis/MPIO)