MANILEÑOs! Are you still up for a CHALLENGE?

Submission is now EXTENDED until NOVEMBER 26, 2021!

Now is the time to show-off your TALENTS and SKILLS! …and get a chance to win these amazing prizes up to P300,000 in cash.

Here are the following categories:

  1. Songwriting Contest
  2. LOGO Making Contest
  3. Poster Making Contest
  4. Video Making Contest
  5. Video Advertisement Making Contest

Guidelines for each contest.

  1. Open for bona fide Manileño, ages from 20 and above (except for Video Ad Making which only allows 15-21 years old).
  2. One (1) entry only for each category of the contest.
  3. Submit a Certificate of Birth (NSO or PSA) and Barangay
    Certification that indicates you are the Official participant.
  4. Specific mechanics for each contest is provided below.
  5. Cash incentives will be given to Barangay if their Participant/s win any contest.