Pares Kimchi
DEC. 5 - 20, 2020
DEC. 5 – 20, 2020


a growing fast-food chain serving sumptuous and affordable Korean dishes.

Taking part from the history of the formerly known as KIMCHI Fast food, a company that was established by then the partnership of Mr. Bernard Kim, Ms. Erlinda S. Quiling and Mrs. Erlinda Ramirez on November of 1973. KIMCHI Fast food which then made popular for its specialized Korean dishes – Korean Beef Stew, Bulgogi Barbecues and Kimchi appetizer. From the initial branch, its number grew to eleven (11), mainly at SM Super malls nationwide. In 1998, the company opened its doors to franchise opportunities and has successfully put up fifteen (15) more branches, widening their market range. With the total of twenty-six (26) outlets, the company has provided jobs for 240 employees, including the franchise outlets prior to cessation of its business operation.

Inspired from the history of its legacy, the brainchild of Mr. Marlon P. De Paz, the later’s descendant root of Ms. Erlinda Quiling, together with his former officemate-friend, Atty. Gerardo R. Tan dream up to develop a continuing legacy that gave birth to PARES KIMCHI, a registered trademark, which established its name in the market on December of 2015.

Sustaining the tradition of service delectable Korean cuisine, it developed and blended with Filipino delicatessen, PARES KIMCHI is now emerging on its target market in the food industry. From the famous traditional Kimchi appetizer, authentic Korean Beef Stew and Korean Barbecues (Beef, Chicken and Pork), it added a number of meals that suited to Filipinos’ craving for sweet and spicy.



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With prices: Less 20% for all bento meal sets





Pares Kimchi
Pares Kimchi


681 Beaterio St, Intramuros, Manila


MON – SUN: 10AM to 8PM


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