LOOK: Manila City Vice Mayor Doktora Honey Lacuna led on Thursday, October 21, the re-opening of Manila Ocean Park.

Lacuna said that the re-opening of the tourist attraction may lead to the generation of jobs and economic recovery of the nation’s capital.

“After a year of temporary closure brought about by the pandemic, we are hopeful that business like yours will get back on track,” Lacuna said.

“You are conveying a clear message that we are getting through the darkest times and that we are almost getting out of the tunnel and beginning to see the light,” she added.

The Manila Ocean Park is open from Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Only fully vaccinated individuals age between 18-65 years old are allowed to enter the tourist place.

(Photos by K R De Asis/MPIO and Gerry Ele/OVM)