Isko approves P2 billion budget for special education fund in 2022

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso approved the 2022 budget for special education fund on Thursday, December 16, amounting to P2,556,546,510.

Domagoso approved the budget proposal during a meeting with the Local School Board attended by Division of City Schools (DCS) Supt. Dr. Magdalena Lim and other officials of DCS.

“We just approved something that is line with our aspiration and vision for our children this 2022,” the Mayor said.

Included in the budget is the reconstruction of Ramon Magsaysay High School located in Sampaloc area. Under the plan, the school will be 10-storey high with 232 classrooms.

According to Dr. Lim, Ramon Magsaysay High School is the Number 1 High School with the highest population in Manila.

“I always wanted the best for our people. It doesn’t have to be bigger but better in terms of facilities,” Domagoso said.

“This type of school will be built as if this is a private school, dapat ito ang maging model ng private education system,” he added.

Apart from the reconstruction of Ramon Magsaysay High School, extension of the load allowance for students and teachers is also included under the P2 billion budget.

Domagoso said that the load allowance is in line with the city’s aim to assist the education section amid the blended distant learning set-up this pandemic.

Domagoso likewise approved the free annual medical check-up of about 11,000 teachers of the Division of City School of the nation’s capital.

“We are ahead of our time again which is good. Rest assured that we will continue to address the future of the education of our students in the city,” Domagoso said.

Lastly, the budget for the repair of about 12 schools across the City of Manila is allotted in the 2022 budget.

“Thank you at nakaraos tayo at patuloy nating nairaraos at naitatawid ang mga estudyante natin sa Lungsod ng Maynila,” the Mayor said.

In response, Dr. Magdalena Lim said that she is thankful for the Mayor’s continuous support to the education sector of the city.

She said that the Mayor’s pro-active and visionary efforts in addressing the needs of the students and teachers amid the pandemic is what her department is most thankful for.

“Our profound gratitude to our Mayor for being the leader that he is, always giving priority to education. The support that he gives for education is that much that we are not left behind,” Dr. Lim said.