Department of Engineering and Public Works

The Department of Engineering and Public Works, Manila, is mandated to deliver/serve the public in the field of engineering services, building permit applications, allied services and enforcement of laws inherent within its frameworks and regular City-wide implementations of infrastructure projects pursuant to the provisions of P.D. 1096, the National Building Code of the Philippines and other applicable laws.



To become an effective and efficient government agency, improving the life of every Manileños through quality infrastructure.



To provide and manage quality facilities and services responsive to the needs of Manileños in the pursuit of City development objective.


 Service Pledge:

The Department of Engineering and Public Works pledge it’s strong commitment to perform on duties and functions with utmost goal to serve Manilans and other stakeholders with respect and proficiency and immediately attend to their requests (i.e. construction, cleaning, clearing, asphalting, declogging, hauling, stages, tents and tables) for a more clean, conducive and healthy environment for the general welfare and safety of the public.

Frontliners (Revenue Generating Offices) :

Drafting & Survey Division – establishment of Line & Grade and road right of way, verification and measurement surveys, peripheral distance for establishments and pole location

Electrical Division – inspection, processing and issuance of electrical permits  

Industrial Safety Division – enforcement & implementation of mechanical permits

Manila Building Office – processing and issuance of building permits & other structural works

Public Utilities & Miscellaneous Services – processing and issuance of excavation permits


  • ELECTRICAL DIVISION – Inspectorial Services

I. INSPECTORIAL SERVICES – National Building Code ( PD 1096 ), Philippine Electrical Code 2013 Omnibus Revenue Code of Manila 

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Engineering & Public Works






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