Manila City Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan on Monday, January 13, held an emergency meeting and consultation with Manila City Council members due to PHILVOCS Alert Level 4 over seismic activities on Taal Volcano.

Manila First District Councilor Dr. Irma Alfonso warned the public of the possible effect of inhaling ashes and fine particles.

“Ashfall is mostly composed of minerals, 40-75% of which is silica, it can affect our respiratory system especially pregnant women, children and the elderly,” Dr. Alfonso said.

Domagoso then aired his concern on the long-term effects and its implication for the city’s public health.

“As we progress with the presence of ash on our surface, months from now, I don’t want our hospitals be flooded with chronic respiratory problems,” he said.

Likewise, the mayor assured everyone that the government is doing its best to provide aid to those who are affected, especially to the immunocompromised.

“The government is working 24/7. Let’s pray and hope that we will soon recover, as well as our neighboring provinces,” Domagoso said.

(Photos by Christian Turingan/MPIO)