As ordered by Manila Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso, the Department of Public Services (DPS) personnel have been doing their best to speed up the delivery of the COVID-19 Food Security Program (FSP) boxes.

Among the barangays District 3 that have received food boxes today, Wednesday, March 17, are the following:

Barangay 275 Zone 25 (3,570 food boxes)
Barangay 284 Zone 26 (430 food boxes)
Barangay 287 Zone 27 (897 food boxes)
Barangay 290 Zone 27 (396 food boxes)
Barangay 309 Zone 20 (1,108 food boxes)
Barangay 313 Zone 31 (996 food boxes)
Barangay 314 Zone 31 (708 food boxes)

As of this posting, approximately 250,000 FSP food boxes have been delivered to various barangays in District 3. The distribution of the food boxes will continue until all the intended recipient families have been reached.

This is the second month of the implementation of the FSP. Launched last February 10, the program aims to curb hunger amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has left thousands of Filipinos jobless and homeless.