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Manila City Library

Manila City Library was organized on October 28, 1946 through Ordinance No. 2982. Located at 800 Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila. MCL is currently headed by Ms. Mylene C. Villanueva, OIC. It has 4 divisions: Administrative, Processing, Reference, & BLSD.



Manila City Library aspires to spearhead the intellectual development of the residents of the City of Manila so as to make them more resilient, knowledgeable, connected with wide range of information and successful.


The Manila City Library provides residents of the City of Manila free and equitable access to library services. It preserves and promotes universal access to a broad range of human knowledge, experience, information and ideas in a convivial and caring environment.


  1. Equity: Accessibility, respect and fairness
  2. Diversity: Valuing individual needs, experiences and differences
  3. Innovation: Encouraging creativity, experimentation and the generation of ideas
  4. Integrity: Open, transparent and honest in all our dealings
  5. Accountability: Taking responsibility for our creations and the services we provide
  6. Service Orientation: Providing excellent and responsive services to the residents of the City of Manila.



  1. To provide informational resources and up-to-date collections that will encourage life-long learning and pursuit of knowledge.
  2. To develop digitalization projects based on current technology.
  3. To collaborate with our partners to ensure that library services meet the needs of the community.
  4. To expand its programs by offering new library services to ensure meeting the demands of library patrons.
  5. To create a safe, welcoming place to the community by provision of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment’s.
  6. To maintain a highly motivated and professional staff to ensure organizational effectiveness.


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Mylene C. Villanueva, Officer-In-Charge
0916 699 7303