LOOK: The City of Manila unveiled its official logo for the 449th year celebration of Manila Day.

The logo was designed by Carlo Asoro, a graphic artist from the Manila Public Information Office.

It features the Manila Clock Tower, one of the iconic parts of the Manila City Hall that was first unveiled in 1930 and considered as one of the prominent landmarks of the nation’s capital. It also features Nilad plants, a stalky rice-like plant with flowers of bright white and yellow, and known as the origin of the word, “Maynila”. A Manila Paper, a paper made of manila hemp, a fiber from abaca, native to the Philippines and a Harriet (Font), fresh and contemporary, a nod to the #BagongMaynila initiative of the local government while maintaining its classic style and historic serif typeface.

Manila Day will be held on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. There will be a simple yet meaningful celebration on that day.