Unite the league! Erap teams up with AFP vs security threats in Manila

metromanilapolitics.com.ph | July 25, 2017


Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada has linked forces with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in empowering lower barangays to deal with all kinds of security threats.

Estrada said a 25-man security contingent from the AFP’s Joint Task Force-National Capital Region (JTF-NCR) that will be deployed in Quiapo to conduct a two-month Community Support Program (CSP).

“Your efforts to insulate our communities from violent extremist ideologies, and from the influence of groups seeking to recruit individuals for their radical activities, will have long-term benefits as we seek to create a peaceful and progressive city,” the mayor told the CSP personnel during the send-off ceremonies at the City Hall. 

The community support program is a military initiative that seeks to build conflict-resilient communities that will be able to independently address all kinds of threats, particularly terror threats and natural calamities and disasters. 

Estrada said he is hoping that the JTF-NCR’s work in Manila “will spend the end of radicalization and polarization, and improve the prospects for peace and unity in our time.”
Barangays 383 and 384, both in Quiapo, were chosen as pilot sites of the program in Manila in the next two months.