The Manila North Cemetery, or Cementerio del Norte, formerly known also as Paang Bundok, is one of the oldest, and at 54 hectares, the biggest of the cemeteries in Metro Manila alongside Andres Bonifacio Avenue. Bordering it are two other important cemeteries, the La Loma Cemetery and the Manila Chinese Cemetery. The cemetery is owned by the City of Manila.

The Manila North Cemetery was part of La Loma Cemetery before but was separated because of Catholic exclusivity. The cemetery was laid out in 1904.

Through the years it serves as the final resting place for key figures in Philippine history which includes our former presidents like President Sergio Osmena, Ramon Magsaysay and Manuel Roxas, historian Epifanio de los Santos and actor Fernando Poe Jr.

Being one of the oldest is evident on the different designs of mausoleums that reflect the prevailing architectural styles in the Philippines. The styles range from simple, plain-painted with a patch of greenery, to very complex designs that contain reliefs that are difficult to carve while also having different colors.


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