Mayor Estrada to Give 1,500 honor students Erap All Star Shoes and Cash Rewards Today

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada FB Page Post | April 24, 2018

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and the Division of City Schools in Manila will start giving the now in-demand Erap All Star shoes along with cash rewards to 1,500 honor students in Manila this afternoon.

The awarding ceremonies will take place at the San Andres Sports Complex at 2-5 PM today and on Thursday.

“These are pupils and students who exceptionally exemplified outstanding accomplishments in academics and co-curricular spheres, living up to the mantra of our City — Forward Ever, Backward Never,” said Manila School Division Superintendent Jenilyn Rose Corpus of the honors award.

Mayor Erap promised to give all the 280,000 elementary and high school students in Manila the Erap All Star shoes, bags and other stuff they will be needing in the coming school year.