Manila residents told: Don’t bathe in fountains | by: Jose Rodel Clapano | May 8, 2017

MANILA, Philippines – Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada called on the city’s residents yesterday to refrain from bathing, swimming or diving in any of the city’s newly renovated fountains.

Estrada said the fountains are not meant to be used by people to cool off on hot summer days.

“Fountains serve as beautification and cooling fixtures in our parks and other promenade areas. These fountains make the air fresh, and the sight pleasant to our eyes,” Estrada said.

Estrada made the call after receiving reports that some people, particularly children and street dwellers, habitually bathe in the fountains recently renovated by the city government.

He said that he even received reports that a foreigner dove into one of the fountains and hurt himself.

Instead of the fountains, Estrada advised residents to go to the six public pools owned by the city government at the Tondo Sports Complex, Andalucia gym, Dapitan Sports Complex, JCC Sports Complex and the Bagong Buhay swimming pool along Pedro Gil street.

“You can swim there and it is for free,” he said.

Parks Development Office (PDO) head Arsenic Lacson said dipping in any of the fountains is strictly prohibited for safety concerns.

“Our fountains have electric connections to operate the motor, so it’s really dangerous,” Estrada said.

To stop this practice, Estrada said the PDO, together with the City Security Force and the Manila Police District, have been posting personnel at the fountain plazas to turn away would-be bathers.

Upon assuming office in 2013, Estrada embarked on a P100-million parks development and urban renewal program.

The fountains in Raja Sulayman Park, Remedios Circle, Sta. Cruz Plaza, Plaza Gomburza across National Museum, Plaza Balagtas, Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz, Plaza Hernandez, and Mehan Garden have been renovated, Lacson said.