Manila eyes investors | by: Bill Casas | January 25, 2018

Manila’s Bureau of Permits and License Office said on Thursday that, with the implementation of the shorter and efficient processing of licenses and permits, the city government expects to attract more investors this year.

BPLO chief Lawyer  Fortune Mayuga said that,  last year, about 60,000 new and old business establishments had applied and given their business licenses and mayor’s permits.

The increase in investments, Mayuga explained was due to the fast and efficient issuance and payments of business taxes.

“Once all the taxes have been paid, licenses and permits will be released,” said Mayuga.

In the new system, the number of requirements to be submitted is reduced to a minimum of about five documents: fire safety inspection certificate, zoning permit, sanitary permit, garbage fees and other fees.

It was January 2017 when Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada ordered the BPLO to reduce to the minimum the documents for the renewal and new application for business permit for those who wants to do business in the city.

Mayuga said that in 2013, Estrada started to reduce the number of documents and papers needed for investors to establish businesses in Manila.

“We don’t need to give  prospective investors  in Manila a difficult time. That’s why last year I ordered to shorten and expedite the processes for  permits and licenses for investors,” Estrada explained.

Because of the new system, in 2015, Manila was recognized by National Competitiveness Council as “the most competitive highly urbanized city” in the country

In 2016, more investors put up their businesses in Manila, Mayuga said.

“That’s right, we reduced the documentation needed to be submitted to us, and fixers in city hall have been removed,” the BPLO head said.

The new system reduce the cost and time to apply and get the certificates and permits.

Estrada said that investors coming to Manila now find it easier to register and operate their businesses in the city.

“We want the investors to be happy. This is also the fulfillment of my promise to transform Manila into a dynamic business hub in Metro Manila,” Estrada said.

Data showed that in 2015, more or less 7,000 new businesses were put up in Manila, and in 2016, the number increased up to 9,165.

Last year, old and new businesses increased up to 60,000.

“Doing business here in Manila is 100 percent  very good that is why investors keep coming and increasing,” said Mayuga.

Aside from the businesses already operating in the city, like restaurants, realty, hotel, condominium, hardwares, groceries and call centers, malls and big banks such as BDO, BPI and China Bank had started to put up their new offices in Manila