Erap provides summer jobs to poor studes, OSY

The Daily Tribune | Written by Pat C. Santos | April 2, 2016

To help them pursue their studies and keep them away from illegal drugs and dangerous vices this summer season, the city government of Manila under Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada has started giving out summer jobs to poor but deserving students and out-of-school youth (OSY).

Estrada said empowering the city’s 550,000 youth by providing them worthwhile activities and livelihood opportunities would be a big help to them in shaping their future.
“Dr. Jose Rizal had said that the youth are the hope of our nation. We in Manila are committed to do that: give them a good future so they can help our country,” Estrada said. “Our jobs-and-livelihood program is in place to help them.”
He pointed out that he “sees so much potential in the youth and expects them to be the next generation that can help bring back Manila’s old glory.”
The city government of Manila has been faithfully implementing the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DoLE’s) Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) which provides summer jobs to poor but deserving students and OSY aged 15 to 25.
Under the program, 60 percent of the employed youth’s income is shouldered by the city government while 40 percent will come from DoLE.
When he assumed office in 2013, Estrada revitalized the city’s Public Employment Service Office (PESO) which resulted in significant increase in job placements as compared to the previous administration.
On the first years of  Estrada’s leadership, PESO  facilitated the hiring of more than 4,660 workers as skilled laborers, sales representatives, customer service agents and clerical staff. The figure is almost triple that of the 1,706 placements made during the previous administration from 2010 to 2013.
Jason Vinta of the Manila Youth Bureau said they are also going out to various barangays to conduct a special skills survey for the youth. This is to determine the specific abilities and skills of the young individuals for possible employment in the barangay offices and city hall.
“This is an excellent practice for the students because they will be trained for office work and they will learn values like professionalism and discipline,” said Vinta who oversees and facilitates the youth employment program in cooperation with PESO and DoLE.
“The salary given to students is very important because they can use it as their next tuition or to buy school materials,” he added.
At the end of the 20-day hiring program, Vinta said the employed students and OSY will be given an employment certificate that could help them land jobs in the future or increase their chances of getting hired by private companies and government agencies.
“The goal is to make these students finish college,” Vinta said. He explained  they will be continuously monitoring the progress of the beneficiaries.
When asked what the main requirements for these students are, Vinta said  they are looking for those who show determination and desire to improve their quality of life.