Erap orders checkpoints in Manila to protect Malacañang, major installations

Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada has directed the local police to further double its security deployment around the capital city to prevent a spillover of the attack in Marawi City.

Estrada specifically tasked the 4,600-strong Manila Police District (MPD) to put up checkpoints and increase patrols around the vicinities of Malacañang Palace and in other government centers and major installations in the city that could be targeted by Islamist militants.

“To the Manileños, please rest assured that our law enforcement units are on guard to protect our city,” the Manila mayor said this afternoon at the City Hall.

“In the meantime, remain calm but be vigilant. You have nothing to worry about as of this moment,” he added.

Estrada directed MPD director Chief Supt. Joel Coronel to use all the MPD’s available assets to preserve peace and order and thwart any attempts by lawless elements to sow terror and chaos in this city of 1.7 million people.

In an interview, Coronel said they have ringed the grounds of Malacañang with security checkpoints and 24/7 foot and mobile patrols in coordination with the Presidential Security Group (PSG).

“We are on full alert to prevent the incident from Marawi City to spill over in Metro Manila. Baka magkaroon ng mga diversionary actions so we have to prepare for it,” the MPD chief pointed out.