24 barangays in Manila now ‘drug-free’ – Erap

metromanila.politics.com.ph | July 19, 2017


Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada on Monday declared 24 barangays in the city as the first ever drug-free barangays in the capital.

“This is a momentous development in our continuous anti-drug campaign. We have finally cleared 24 barangays of illegal drugs,” the Manila mayor said.

Estrada identified the certified drug-free barangays as:

  1. Bgy 875 (Chairwomen Avelina Mallari)
  2. Bgy 653 (Chairman Serelieto Vios)
  3. Bgy 661 (Chairwomen Evangelina Lete)
  4. Bgy 663-A (Chairman Edmund Filicia)
  5. Bgy 681 (Chairman Leody Manuel)
  6. Bgy 664-A (Chairwoman Carmina Torres)
  7. Bgy 695 (Chairwoman Elizabeth Capapas)
  8. Bgy 691 (Chairman Jason Magbanua)
  9. Bgy 309 (Chairman William Lising)
  10. Bgy 376 (Chairman Benjamin San Jose)
  11. Bgy 377 (Chairwoman Victoria Grande)
  12. Bgy 378 (Chairman Jigger Resuello)
  13. Bgy 309 (Chairman Hernanse Francisco)
  14. Bgy 710 (Chairman Alberto Carino, Jr.)
  15. Bgy 715 (Chairman Rolando Salud)
  16. Bgy 714 (Chairwoman Marilou Tabo)
  17. Bgy 709 (Chairman Manolito Corpuz)
  18. Bgy 707 (Chairwoman Anita Romero)
  19. Bgy 701 (Chairman Felibus Papa, Jr.)
  20. Bgy 594 (Chairman Renato Ebreo)
  21. Bgy 589 (Chairman Raffy Dizon)
  22. Bgy 216, Zone 20 (Chairman Alfredo Samson)
  23. Bgy 224, Zone 21 (Chairwoman Elvira Reyes)
  24. Bgy 202-A (Chairman Eleazar Panlilio)

Each received a “Certificate of Drug-Cleared Barangay” signed by Estrada and Manila Police District (MPD) Director Chief Supt. Joel Coronel.

Estrada also congratulated the chairmen of the 24 barangays for being the first of the 896 barangay chairmen in Manila that have successfully cleared their communities of the influence of drugs.

“Indeed, if you have the will, you can do almost anything. I hope that the rest of the barangays will soon follow and make these 24 barangays as their model and inspiration,” Estrada added.